Meet the authors of Bump, Set, Blog!


My name is Shayla Phillip and I am a sophomore here at Samford! I’m majoring in Sport Administration with a minor in Communication Studies. I’m very passionate about sports, as I play on the volleyball team here also. Being a student- athlete is a tough life, not every day is easy, but it sure is rewarding. I hope our blog can give you a glimpse into the life of athletics from more than just the college perspective!


My name is Paul Richardson and I am a junior at Samford University.  I am a Sport Administration major, while pursuing a minor in Sports and Recreation Ministry. My desire is to use sports in an impactful way, combining it with my Christian faith. I would easily consider myself a sports junkie, particularly focusing on the NBA.  I am also a student-athlete at Samford, competing in Cross Country and Track and Field.


My name is Connor Burns and I am a sophomore at Samford University studying Sport Administration. I am on the baseball team, but I am redshirting in 2017 due to having Tommy John surgery in November 2016. I have grown up playing all different types of sports and hope to bring light onto my mindset and outlook on sports.


Bonjour, my name is David Abee and I am a sophomore at Samford University.  I am a Sport Administration Major with a minor in Sports and Recreational Ministry.  Sports is a very important part of my life and although I am not a Samford athlete that does not stop me from playing the many sports I love.  I love using sports as a way to spread the word of God and to help people recognize their true talents in the eyes of God.