Fountain of Youth

When something seems to be working for the Spurs, and they refuse to discuss on it, you know it is bound to be something extraordinary. You know you’ve discovered something really interesting when former Air Force intelligence officer and current Spurs coach Gregg Popovich goes through the trouble of hiding or covering exclusive information.  That’s how we come to find ourselves talking quietly about the mystery of cold-pressed juice.

Some of the superstars of the San Antonio Spurs have created this magical juice that might be the key to their success.  Kawhi Leonard’s custom cold-pressed juice has 4d24c8555a932f53a52b182515126601been named “Kawhi-Zilla” by Spurs staff, and features strawberry, watermelon, lemon and chia seed. LaMarcus Aldridge drinks one with a label that reads “LaLa Leave My Juice Alone,” which is a mixture of pineapple, orange, strawberry, spinach and secrecy. For the last three years, nearly every player on San Antonio’s roster drinks the magic juice made by the Spurs Staff and it is made for the ultimate recovery.  The juices contain all sorts of fruits, vegetables and nutrients to help the players recovery faster for their next game.

This Magic Juice may or may not actually work but over the lasti decade the Spurs have ranked first in the league with only 1,054 missed games to injury. During the 2015-16 season, Spurs players missed only 59 games due to injury.  Is this juice the real deal?  “Man, we ain’t gonna talk about that,” Leonard says. “It’s just juice.”  The great Greg Popovich talked about how when he first became a part of the Spurs organization he was the trainer. “You guys get over there and lift those weights over there. You guys go over here … 10 times, yeah, that’s it. That’s a good weight.’ Seriously, that’s what it was like. Now, I get on the bus, and no sooner than we sit on the bus last night after the game, Will Sevening, our trainer comes on: ‘Water, water, water.’ He’s giving everybody [these drinks and says], ‘The sooner you eat, the sooner you rehydrate, the sooner you get the protein back in and the electrolytes and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, the more you’re gonna recover for tomorrow night’s game.’ And all that sort of thing. So none of that existed back in the day. Not a bit”

The Spurs have gone up 2-1 in the series with the Rockets, the Spurs have looked dominating especially Kawhi leading the charge.  Is this Magic Juice part of the Spurs success?  Only time will tell on with the old fashioned Spurs.




Would You Play?

This past Saturday a tragic accident happened to Isiah Thomas and his family.  Isaiah Thomas sister, Chyna Thomas was killed in a car acicident the day before the Celtics first round game against the Chicago Bulls.  This was shocking news to the Thomas family and everyone around the league, fans, players and organizations.  Isaiah still played in Sunday’s game with a heavy heart for his sisters passing.  Fans and players were very kind and supportive of Isaiah before, during and after the game.  The Celtics had a moment of silence for the Thomas family before the game started.  Usually Isaiah is the hype man for the Celtics but you could obviously tell that he wasn’t the same player o
n the court.

Both teams were feeling for Isaiah but when the ball tipped off all friendships and the mourning came to a halt.  Isaiah scored 33 points in Sunday’s matchup but the Celtics fell short to the Bulls taking the first game in the series.  As expected Isaiah did not show up and refused any post-game interviews.  Many reporters and NBA analysis tipped their hai (1)ts to Isaiah’s decision to play.  The issue going forward is the struggle and the sinking in of what occurred.  Isaiah will need more and more support as the series goes on.  The sadness will continue to grow as he goes home, goes to the funeral and sees all of his family and friends there that will make the emotions grow and make the comeback harder and harder.  The Celtics organization and the fans will have to support Isaiah in and out of the gym to have their leader take them to the next playoff series.

I can only imagine the turmoil that Isiah is going through.  He is an icon in Boston and a leader for the Celtics.  He will not be able to beat the Bulls by himself in his certain situation.  He will need more and more support as everything starts to sink in.  Prayers go out to the Thomas family and Isaiah especially as he performs in front of thousands of people that are counting on him to lead his team to victory.

The Best Job in the World

There is a man who has what every man in America wants, and that is to fill in to be someones partner at the Masters.  You probably know the Jeff Knox story by now, or at least are familiar with it. Knox who is 54 years old, is the Augusta National Golf Club member who has the prknow-newivilege to tee up if an odd number of players make the cut, as was the case on Saturday when he was paired with Jason Day, the third-ranked player in the world. Knox has won the Georgia Mid-Amateur three times, and he holds the Augusta National course record from the member tees, with a 61!  Some of the players even ask him for advice when playing the course.  On Saturday Knox was three over when finishing the front nine compared to Day’s even score.

Although Knox is not there to beat the pros at their own game.  He is supposed to keep the pace of the round flowing smoothly and to record his partners score.  For instance on holes 2 and 7 Knox was awarded gimmies for missing his short putts just to keep the flow of the round going smoothly.   Also even if he wins a hole, his partner still tees off first.  Knox’s scores aren’t recorded officially and there are no pictures or interviews that will be taken of Jeff at any time during the round or after.

Jeff Knox knows the course like the back of his hand.  He has played Augusta National a countless amount of times.  Because he is a member he gets to play whenever he wants and has put his knowledge to put up a fight against the best in the world.  He supposedly defeated Rory McIlroy that last time he played a round at the Master47707e33d103dd4a5486eb2ae67780dfs.  Jason Day on Saturday was nervous the day before when he figured out who his partner was.  Who wouldn’t be? He has put up staggering numbers that are better than more than half the field.  We can only imagine if he practiced as much as the pros what kind of records he would display.  Even though he has the all-time course record at 61 that is better than the men we look up to as fans and this man we have never heard of has put up better scores.

Jeff Knox has arguably the best job in the world.  Whoever partners with Jeff Knox better bring their a game or they will be embarrassed by a 54 year old man.

What is LaVar Ball Selling?

Recently in the past months a man by the name of LaVar Ball has been hyping up his three sons, Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo.  LaVar claims not only Lonzo can defeat Jordan one on one but Lavar himself can.  Many coaches and players have stated their opinion on LaVar and his unique style of talking about his sons.  Go ahead and call the Ball father anoblog postther stage dad in a Kardashian world. Go ahead and mock the man’s prediction that Lonzo’s funky release is going to be huge in the NBA.  But don’t say his approach is failing. The Balls are already half as famous in basketball as the Mannings are in football.  Lonzo also has been throwing more than his share of perfect passes downfield. Here is a question for you.  If LaVar Ball is such a bad influence on his oldest child, why is his oldest child thriving at a time when many college athletes and coaches are stressing about who they are playing and how are they going to defend some of the toughest players in the country.  Lonzo said in an interview that his father has always been this way.  Always talking up his sons and outsizing things along with an outrageous personality; the only difference is the presence of social media.

              Recently LaVar Ball commented about LeBron’s kids and that they will always have the pressure up liC7erQVDWkAA3rc9ving up to their dad’s legacy that he continues to create.  Rather than Lonzo being able to create his own legacy. Lonzo did not grow up with arguably the most famous athlete in the world as a father.   LaVar said Lonzo doesn’t play as if he’s stressed out by his father’s statements for a simple reason. He’s not stressed out by his father’s statements.  LaVar wants his kids to be the best basketball players to ever play the game.  He has been telling them this since they were little boys.

LaVar Ball has created a business, Big Baller Brand, which sells hats and shirts that really endorse the boys so they can have their own logo.  He created this company to endorse and build an empire for his family.  When asked about his business he said, “Why is it OK for someone else to make all this money off my kids?” LaVar Ball said. “How do I exploit something that is mine? I created these boys. This is my family business. … We are going to build this empire for the family.”

Lavar Ball has created the ultimate standard for his kids.  Being better than Michael Jordan and LeBron is something that a lot of people cannot wrap their heads around.  Although there will be someone who will come along and blow us all away, will that be Lonzo Ball, or one of his younger brothers.  Is LaVar being a good father telling his kids over and over that they will be better than the greatest to ever play, and going on show after show and preaching that he can beat the greatest to ever play the game in one on one.

The Conversion

pfitmhes img_0413

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a traditional student, or do you wonder what it is like to be a student-athlete? Luckily for you I have the answers that you are looking for.  My freshman and beginning of sophomore year I played football here at Samford University.  For the people who go throughout their day wondering what can I do with all the time on my hands, it is safe to say that there are some students who never get to ask that question.  Samford Athletes whether in season or out are always working to perfect their game, either conditioning with the team or putting in work on your own to work on your weaknesses to become the best you can be.

When an athlete is in season, all of their “free time” is devoted to school work.  That is because that is all the time they have to do their school work is after dinner at the luxurious “caf”. A day in the life of a Samford Football Player would consist of 6:00 a.m. workouts, school until 2, meetings from 2:30 to 4:00, then practice from 4-6, then eat from about 6:30-7:30 give or take, then it comes time to do all of the homework and studies that you have to do for the week.  This is typical the routine of every school day for the majority of the first semester.  Sunday is the only day where a Samford Football player has its day off, with which they can catch up on laundry, sleep in, and hang out with friends.

On the other side of the fence is the life of a regular student at Samford.  The transition from the life of an athlete to a student was tough at the beginning.  I didn’t know how much time I would actually have so I had no idea how to transition.  The conversion was difficult at first but I learned to fill my day with activities to keep me busy.  I now have time to do laundry, work out, work a job, and hang out with fraternity brothers and other friends.

The life of a Samford Athlete is more difficult than it looks. There are many hours of preparation before and after they play their sport.  There are limited hours of free time for the athletes as it is mostly study time and trying to catch up on laundry.  Some athletes are jealous of the amount of free time that regular students have to hang out with friends, finish homework early in the day to free up their nights, and are able to go home to see their families on any given weekend.  As a former Samford Athlete, I can tell you that regular students have it easy when it comes to school work, because of all the time they have to study and prepare for classes while athletes only have limited hours before they get exhausted or have to cram to get work done in all of their classes.

The Life After Football


NFL football players have spent thousands of hours in their life to practice the game they love.  When the game becomes too much for the players is when the real damage begins.  Players face the harsh reality of not having the benefits that the NFL has given them.  Adjusting to real life is harder for a large percent of retired football players.  Football is a violent sport that has led to many body, emotional and financial struggles.  A survey of 763 former NFL players conducted by Newsday in conjunction with the NFL Players Association’s former players division showed 61 percent said they found it difficult to adjust to daily life after their career, while 85 percent said they did not believe the NFL prepared them for the transition.

A player by the name of Wesley Walker, who was a receiver in the league for 13 years discussed the difficulties that football has put upon him physically and financially.  Walker had two surgeries, one was on his left shoulder to fix a torn labrum and rotator cuff.  He had spinal fusion surgery during which doctors inserted 10 screws and a rod to help stabilize the spine.  He also suffered an ACL tear while taking an awkward step at an autograph signing.  Walker is 59 years old, but he said it feels like I am 90 years old when I get out of a chair.  All of these are suspected to be a result from football and the ruthless contact that Walker received.

With all of the injuries that players suffer during their time in the league and after their time playing a majority of players say they would do it all again.  Athletes work day in and day out to perfect their craft.  When your hard work is rewarded by the chance to play at the highest level possible, I would do it over and over again even if I knew the consequences.

Citation: The Life After Football, Mark LaMonica