SEC Player of the Year

Brent Rooker

This is 6’4” 220lbs Brent Rooker the best hitter in the SEC and the nation. Rooker has 74 hits, 25 doubles, 3 triples, 19 home runs, 65 Rbis, and 17 stolen bases. This is what scouts would call a five told player. The Mississippi first basemen has done it all for State this year and leads the SEC in all hitting categories.  In his last season “Only” hitting .324 with 11 home runs he has improved all of his number from last year to this year. This is even more impressive because there is still time left in the regular season for him to put up even more power numbers and rbis.

The most impressive part of these number is the league he is doing it in. The SEC Friday night starting pitcher is more times than not just as good as a AA professional starter according to several scouts I have talked to. Not only is Rooker having the best season of his life he is also doing it at the perfect time. Rooker is a Junior First baseball for the bulldogs which means he is draft eligible after this year. He is one of the only players that I have seen in this years draft to truly have all five tools. It is safe to say that if Mississippi State did not have the best hitter in the country that they would not be in first place in SEC west just one game ahead of LSU.

In every 9.6 at bats the Rooker goes to the plate he hits a home run. This is hitting at least two home runs every week of play. The SEC player of the year has not been announced because the season is not over, but it is safe to say that Brent Rooker’s name should be at the top of the list. In June is the MLB draft and I am excited to see where Rooker gets picked up having the type of season he is and if scouts think his number will translate to the pros.





3 thoughts on “SEC Player of the Year”

  1. Rooker is a fantastic player and he is extremely impressive! Mississippi State is a great team, but he is definitely leading them and the biggest reason for their success this season. He is one of the best drafts from State in a while and I am excited to see where he ends up.


  2. As someone who wants to get into scouting this was an awesome read. Because I played soccer my whole life I have not gotten the chance to get into baseball scouting but this was a great introduction. It will be interesting to see if and where he goes. It sounds like he will be a name we hear in the future.


  3. I wish more people were interested in college baseball. It’s guys like Rooker who we will one day see in MLB Home Run Derby’s or World Series Games, but we often take them for granted in college. It’s great for him that he is leading MSU to such success this season, but it’s only expected at a baseball powerhouse like the Bulldogs

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