What Makes the Nationals the Hottest team In the MLB?

The Washington Nationals are the hottest team in the MLB right now. They are the only team in the MLB to have twenty-one wins though thirty games this season. The Nationals are being led by Ryan Zimmerman who is leading the league in batting average at .435 and Rbi’s with 34. He is tied with Aaron Judge with 13 homeruns in the Mlb  and leading the NL. If the season was over today he would win the Triple crown which is one of the hardest things to accomplish in professional baseball where he leads all the hitting categories (Average, Home runs, and Runs Batted In).  One of the most interesting states that Zimmerman holds is a stat ESPN has provided “(tie game, up one or having the tying run at least on deck in seventh inning or later). He’s 5-for-11 in those spots with four home runs. Harper is 5-for-12 with one home run and four walks” Bryce harper is also another hot bat in the Nationals lineup right now and Espn is comparing the Harper- Zimmerman duo to Rizzo-Bryant duo of the Cubs team who won the World Series Last year. Along with the Nationals having the hottest hitter in the MLB they also having the NL leading pitching in Gio Gonzalez who has a incredible ERA (Earned Run Average) with a 1.64 allow opposing batters to only have a .222 batting average off him through 38.1 innings pitched.

Zimmerman- Harper

The Nationals are had a great start to the beginnings of the season, but baseball is a funny game and you never know what can happen. It is tough to keep up the numbers that Zimmerman and Gonzalez have had so far this year and only time will tell if Zimmerman has what it takes with withstand a full MLB season having the outstanding numbers he does. Thirty games is a small portion of the 168 games that they will play not including playoffs , but it is still very impressive to see the performance that the Nationals are playing at right now. The remainder of the season they will be the team to beat and this will make the stage for failure that much greater.



5 thoughts on “What Makes the Nationals the Hottest team In the MLB?”

  1. The nationals are a great team this year and what I’ve noticed is that they win games from the first pitch. They have probably out scored their opponents in the early innings in 90% of their games. I also believe that Bryce Harper will win the MVP again so that helps them. Zimmerman is also putting up ridiculous numbers which is good to see so they won’t pitch around Harper.


  2. The Nats are definitely hot right now, but as you said, I am curious to see if they will be able to hold on to those numbers throughout the year. Baseball in my opinion is the hardest sport to have electric numbers for a whole season. Zimmerman and Harper are both great ballplayers, but baseball is a game of failure, and it is a long season. I am really curious to see how they hold up the rest of the season.


  3. The numbers that the Nationals have put up so far will certainly be tough to keep up. It seems like in recent years, that the Nationals have been the team to beat out the gate and even late into the season. The lineup they put out every night is tough to beat especially behind such an elite pitching staff. Will be interesting to see if the Nats can keep up this pace and run the table in the MLB this season!


  4. The nationals are off to an amazing start this year and I firmly believe that they will continue to play at the level they’re at right now. Harper is an unbelievable young talent to have on their roster right now and I believe that he and Zimmerman are going to be the backbone to the Nationals along with their powerful pitching staff.

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  5. I hate to admit it but the Nats are one of the hottest teams in baseball behind the slugging of Harper and the surprise that Zimmerman brought to the team after having an average year last season. No doubt in my mind they will win their Division even though I am a Braves fan. But do they have what it takes to win the World Series?

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