Would You Play?

This past Saturday a tragic accident happened to Isiah Thomas and his family.  Isaiah Thomas sister, Chyna Thomas was killed in a car acicident the day before the Celtics first round game against the Chicago Bulls.  This was shocking news to the Thomas family and everyone around the league, fans, players and organizations.  Isaiah still played in Sunday’s game with a heavy heart for his sisters passing.  Fans and players were very kind and supportive of Isaiah before, during and after the game.  The Celtics had a moment of silence for the Thomas family before the game started.  Usually Isaiah is the hype man for the Celtics but you could obviously tell that he wasn’t the same player o
n the court.

Both teams were feeling for Isaiah but when the ball tipped off all friendships and the mourning came to a halt.  Isaiah scored 33 points in Sunday’s matchup but the Celtics fell short to the Bulls taking the first game in the series.  As expected Isaiah did not show up and refused any post-game interviews.  Many reporters and NBA analysis tipped their hai (1)ts to Isaiah’s decision to play.  The issue going forward is the struggle and the sinking in of what occurred.  Isaiah will need more and more support as the series goes on.  The sadness will continue to grow as he goes home, goes to the funeral and sees all of his family and friends there that will make the emotions grow and make the comeback harder and harder.  The Celtics organization and the fans will have to support Isaiah in and out of the gym to have their leader take them to the next playoff series.

I can only imagine the turmoil that Isiah is going through.  He is an icon in Boston and a leader for the Celtics.  He will not be able to beat the Bulls by himself in his certain situation.  He will need more and more support as everything starts to sink in.  Prayers go out to the Thomas family and Isaiah especially as he performs in front of thousands of people that are counting on him to lead his team to victory.


4 thoughts on “Would You Play?”

  1. Thoughts and prayers especially go out to Isaiah. It is such a painful thing to experience. I think, from a Biblical worldview, I would play the game. I say this only because if it happened to my family, I would know where my dad, mom, sister, or brother would go if they died. I know their eternity is safe and I would want to perform well for them.


    1. This is truly heartbreaking for Isaiah Thomas and his family. I cannot even imagine the pain and confusion he is going through as he just lost his sister the day before the playoffs. I saw where they gave him a standing ovation after he scored his first point of the game and I thought that was very cool to see all the support the fans and players have for him, Prayers to him and his family.


  2. This has been receiving tons of attention on social media. This is my first time actually reading what literally occurred. However, I will definitely keep Isaiah and the Thomas family in my prayers. I think that he is such a strong man as well as a team player for playing in the game following such a tragic incident. I think I still would have played but I seriously doubt that I would have been capable of performing at such a high level.

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  3. Seeing this in the news was completely heartbreaking. I commend him for being so strong through this period in his life, and maybe playing was his outlet for mourning. Obviously, talking to the press before and after the game was not going to happen, but being on the court with his teammates and his second family probably helped him feel more at ease with the situation.


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