The Best Job in the World

There is a man who has what every man in America wants, and that is to fill in to be someones partner at the Masters.  You probably know the Jeff Knox story by now, or at least are familiar with it. Knox who is 54 years old, is the Augusta National Golf Club member who has the prknow-newivilege to tee up if an odd number of players make the cut, as was the case on Saturday when he was paired with Jason Day, the third-ranked player in the world. Knox has won the Georgia Mid-Amateur three times, and he holds the Augusta National course record from the member tees, with a 61!  Some of the players even ask him for advice when playing the course.  On Saturday Knox was three over when finishing the front nine compared to Day’s even score.

Although Knox is not there to beat the pros at their own game.  He is supposed to keep the pace of the round flowing smoothly and to record his partners score.  For instance on holes 2 and 7 Knox was awarded gimmies for missing his short putts just to keep the flow of the round going smoothly.   Also even if he wins a hole, his partner still tees off first.  Knox’s scores aren’t recorded officially and there are no pictures or interviews that will be taken of Jeff at any time during the round or after.

Jeff Knox knows the course like the back of his hand.  He has played Augusta National a countless amount of times.  Because he is a member he gets to play whenever he wants and has put his knowledge to put up a fight against the best in the world.  He supposedly defeated Rory McIlroy that last time he played a round at the Master47707e33d103dd4a5486eb2ae67780dfs.  Jason Day on Saturday was nervous the day before when he figured out who his partner was.  Who wouldn’t be? He has put up staggering numbers that are better than more than half the field.  We can only imagine if he practiced as much as the pros what kind of records he would display.  Even though he has the all-time course record at 61 that is better than the men we look up to as fans and this man we have never heard of has put up better scores.

Jeff Knox has arguably the best job in the world.  Whoever partners with Jeff Knox better bring their a game or they will be embarrassed by a 54 year old man.


2 thoughts on “The Best Job in the World”

  1. I never knew this was a thing. This is so interesting, and you are right, this is the best job in the world. I can’t imagine the nerved the professionals have playing against them. I wonder if that throws off their game at all? Great article!


  2. This is very interesting! I never thought about the fact of having an odd number of players that make the cut. This is one of the cooler articles I’ve read so far because of the fact that I’ve never even heard of this guy yet he holds the course record. I’ll definitely be looking him up and reading more about him and his story. I can’t argue with the fact that he probably has one of the coolest jobs out there.


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