Another Knee Injury For Derrick Rose, What Does The Future Hold?

Derrick Rose entered this season with the upmost confidence in his return as well as turning around the Knicks mojo this season. Rose believed the Knicks were one of the “super teams” on the rise of the N.B.A. even after the rough seasons the Knicks had gone through previously. After several injury enduring seasons in Chicago, he would prove, in his first season with the Knicks, that he could reclaim his spot as one of the league’s top point guards. And he would lead his teammates deep into the postseason.

Rose’s return was a big deal for me because I have followed him throughout the years and I want to see him succeed because of his hard work ethic. I have also gone through season-ending injuries and can definitely understand the frustrations Rose has. But, the Knicks season has gone anywhere but forward this season as they have struggled and Rose has become the latest casualty. He was ruled out for the season on Sunday after test scan revealed that he had a torn meniscus in his left knee that would require surgery, with weeks of recovery to follow. It is truly sad to see someone work so hard for their job and have it blown away due to a tear to the knee over and over again.

Derrick Rose Blows Knee For The Fourth Time

Rose’s career has been non stop with operations. It will be the fourth knee operation of his career, all of them within the last five years. He will now enter free agency with a renewed reputation as a talented but known to get hurt easily player, and it seems highly unlikely that any team will offer him a long-term deal this summer. It is just hard to judge him as he continues to tear his knee so I can understand why teams would be very hesitant on taking a chance on him even though he is a great player.

With a lottery pick in an upcoming draft loaded with top of the line point guards, the Knicks should be able to pick a replacement for Rose, whose career in New York may indeed turn out to be a very brief one. He was once a star who leapt over the league, but he is now onto yet one more injury rehabilitation.


5 thoughts on “Another Knee Injury For Derrick Rose, What Does The Future Hold?”

  1. I love that you brought up this topic! I was just talking about him the other day because I could not believe this happened again. I am very curious to see where he ends up. It is terrible that such an amazing player really hasn’t been able to do much in his career due to injury.


  2. If I was Rose, I would sit and reconsider on what I am actually doing to my body. He has numerous injuries recently and is probably stuck in the a hard position right now. Should he play again? The rehabilitation of a player is the hardest part of bouncing back to the game. Then to hurt another area in the body is just tragic. For Rose, injuries seems to be his best friend but he will bounce back. For how long? Is the main question that basketball fans want to know.


  3. When healthy, Rose is arguably one of the best point guards in the game of basketball with the amount of versatility he brings to the table. I dare say that if he could stay healthy for a few seasons, he would give Russell Westbrook a run for his money at the triple double record. But for right now, Rose needs to take a long time off of basketball and reconsider if all the injury and surgery is worth it or not. The wear and tear on his body is awful for the age he is at. Could it be time we see Derrick Rose hang up his shoes?


  4. This is a great article. I am very interested to see what happens to him moving forward because this seems to be a reoccurring thing. It’s a shame because he is such an amazing player and it’s sad to see this injury continuously bother him and his future career. I am interested to see where he goes from here.


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