The World baseball classic has been going on for the last eleven years. It has been something that baseball fans look forward to watching; as it brings a different culture to baseball because it is an entire nations coming behind a team and supporting them. This year the USA had finally made it to the Finals which is the First time they have ever done that. Even though the USA and Japan are the only two countries to have professional baseball the USA up until now has never ever made it to the Finals to have a chance to win. This was the case up until 2017 when the USA team beat the Puerto Rico in a winner takes all game. The did so in a big way beating Puerto Rico 8-0 bringing back the Gold for the USA to hold onto for the next four years until the World Baseball Classic.

With the championship being a one game series which is different than the MLB Marcus Stroman was able to shine throwing a no hitter through six innings of play giving up a hit in the seventh. Which was amazing playing against the best players from Puerto Rico one of the other countries with unbelievable baseball talent. I saw on twitter after the series that Stroman was getting some beef for not throwing for his native country , but his response was he did it for his mother which was touching because she is from the USA. Stroman got the MVP for the world classic which was much deserved, it is tough to do what he did in any game  of baseball and for him to shine like he did makes it even  that much better.

The type of energy and passion it brought to me while watching this game with amazing. Here is my favorite picture from the experience that I feel sums up the feeling that I received from the game. USA basebal



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