What is LaVar Ball Selling?

Recently in the past months a man by the name of LaVar Ball has been hyping up his three sons, Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo.  LaVar claims not only Lonzo can defeat Jordan one on one but Lavar himself can.  Many coaches and players have stated their opinion on LaVar and his unique style of talking about his sons.  Go ahead and call the Ball father anoblog postther stage dad in a Kardashian world. Go ahead and mock the man’s prediction that Lonzo’s funky release is going to be huge in the NBA.  But don’t say his approach is failing. The Balls are already half as famous in basketball as the Mannings are in football.  Lonzo also has been throwing more than his share of perfect passes downfield. Here is a question for you.  If LaVar Ball is such a bad influence on his oldest child, why is his oldest child thriving at a time when many college athletes and coaches are stressing about who they are playing and how are they going to defend some of the toughest players in the country.  Lonzo said in an interview that his father has always been this way.  Always talking up his sons and outsizing things along with an outrageous personality; the only difference is the presence of social media.

              Recently LaVar Ball commented about LeBron’s kids and that they will always have the pressure up liC7erQVDWkAA3rc9ving up to their dad’s legacy that he continues to create.  Rather than Lonzo being able to create his own legacy. Lonzo did not grow up with arguably the most famous athlete in the world as a father.   LaVar said Lonzo doesn’t play as if he’s stressed out by his father’s statements for a simple reason. He’s not stressed out by his father’s statements.  LaVar wants his kids to be the best basketball players to ever play the game.  He has been telling them this since they were little boys.

LaVar Ball has created a business, Big Baller Brand, which sells hats and shirts that really endorse the boys so they can have their own logo.  He created this company to endorse and build an empire for his family.  When asked about his business he said, “Why is it OK for someone else to make all this money off my kids?” LaVar Ball said. “How do I exploit something that is mine? I created these boys. This is my family business. … We are going to build this empire for the family.”

Lavar Ball has created the ultimate standard for his kids.  Being better than Michael Jordan and LeBron is something that a lot of people cannot wrap their heads around.  Although there will be someone who will come along and blow us all away, will that be Lonzo Ball, or one of his younger brothers.  Is LaVar being a good father telling his kids over and over that they will be better than the greatest to ever play, and going on show after show and preaching that he can beat the greatest to ever play the game in one on one.


3 thoughts on “What is LaVar Ball Selling?”

  1. Really interesting points you made here David. I feel like a lot of people are writing LaVar off as some crazy father, when in reality he is selling himself as a big personality. He is getting everything he wants because his publicity has sky-rocketed. He may sound crazy, but if anything, he is a crazy genius. He has gotten into the heads of sports fans across the nation, and it’s not like he is going anywhere anytime soon. If LaVar can keep his publicity, the Ball family will continue to take over the basketball industry. Great work David!


  2. This is a great way to show no bias yet bring up some major points. I sort of agree with Jacob in the sense that he may just be a crazy genius. He spent his whole life raising his kids to be basketball stars and so far it has worked out. Lonzo is projected to go top 5 in the draft, LiAngelo is going to be a freshman at UCLA next year, and LaMelo verbally committed to the program when he was 13. Regardless of what I think of the guy, he has definitely gotten his families name out there and it has made a big difference in their life. I guess we’ll see if NBA teams agree with the statement “There is no such thing as bad publicity”, come draft day. Great job.


  3. LaVar Ball has took it upon his self to make many statements that should not have been said. His family is known for the game of basketball, but the his wording could have been stated better. The way he has went about stating some things has made him a very interesting person to every sports critic. Everyone is feeding into what he is saying. With Lonzo losing in the March Madness Tournament and declaring for the draft, it will just cause more publicity to Ball’s name.


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